25 April, 2006

four, twelve, one thousand, forty three, one, fourteen, millions

four months of not writing. that's just counter to who i am.

i'm eating sushi right now. 12 rolls of pure delight.

i love that the flavor in my mouth is that of wasabi as i realize that we only have 1000 more days of the madness of george w.

matthew good is my new favorite artist. i got an ipod and have spent my days and nights with his music- the 43 songs that i bought from itunes:

he sings about things that are important and beautiful and ugly and mysterious. in other words, he sings about me.

1 week in california changed my life;

it was there i realized that the last 14 years of religious bullshit need not follow me around for the rest of my life. there is a freedom i feel when i am there. a different energy. i like who i am when i am in california.

millions of dreams are inside of me. i will live them day by day.