28 July, 2009

confessions on a tuesday eve

I am struck by the following on this humid tuesday night:

1. i never get tired of watching pride and prejudice.ever.

2. six years into home ownership and i'm starting to feel comfortable taking control of my space.

3. i can't believe july is almost over. 2009 was a conspiracy. it's come and gone with suspicious celerity.

4. my nephew, zachary, has stolen my heart. Actually, he stole it when I met him as a two-year-old, and i never got it back. i wish i could clone him. well really, i just wish he lived closer to his aunt amy. he left indy today and i am in a melancholy room.

5. when in a melancholy room, watching a comforting, familiar movie, thinking about renovating my home, my darling nephew and the rapid passage of time, it's important to drink beer, listen to wicked and memorialize what's on my heart in the form of blogging.