19 October, 2008

being aunt amy

last night I had the pleasure of my 7 year old niece, Lauren, spending the night. rather- a slumber party, or "fiesta" as she framed it. I adore this little girl with all my being. especially when she's being sweet and affectionate like last night when we were carving pumpkins. even when she's being whinny and grouchy, like this morning when nothing was going to make her happy (although, I have to admit, the later scenario made it difficult to remember why I agreed to have her spend the night).

the reality is, this little one has been special to me since the minute I heard she was coming. seven years ago I stood looking through the hospital nursery window looking at her and lost my heart forever.

my wish for our relationship is that she will feel known by me. I hope to accomplish this one "fiesta" at a time.

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