27 October, 2008

"trick or fruit"

so, my niece, lauren, spent the night a couple saturdays ago. one of our activities was decorating treat bags for the cousins, Zachary, Hope, and Leah as well as for Lauren's brother, Matthew. I hope they make it to Connecticut and California in time for Halloween. (Matthew, who lives with his sister in sheridan, indiana, called me from grandma's to say "i love my present!").

Lauren insisted on decorating one for me. she wrote my name and then added her own halloween cheer:

"trick or furot"

That's "trick or fruit" if you were wondering.

Maybe she was swayed by the large supply of apples I had on hand (she had been to the orchard that day with her family and they brought their vegetarian aunt/sister/sister-in-law a million apples):

no matter her inspiration, i LOVE her treat bag that she made for me and I've hung it in my kitchen to remind me of her sweet, humorous heart:

"trick or furot!"

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Jules said...

Dentists everywhere are rejoicing! Trick or fruit! W00t!